Ediom powerfully enhances project results by combining engineering and design management with strong, experienced leadership, to deliver significantly improved outcomes for our Clients.

We believe that Engineering and Design Management is a unique and defined skill set – where the right people and the right systems work together to bring about greater surety of positive whole of project outcomes.


Ediom’s value is at the technical interface of all phases in a project life cycle

We bring impactful people with deep expertise – engineering management skills, technically knowledgeable management PLUS extensive hands-on experience.

Our team navigates and fuses the gap

We translate technical risk and opportunity in order to steer outcomes that really matter to Project Owners, and drive ultimate project success.

Drive great Engineering and design management

Excellent engineering outcomes rely on the technical knowledge of key managers with hands-on, real-world experience to navigate technical systems, issues and challenges across specialised engineering functions – fundamentally, success is about people having the knowledge and skills to drive great engineering and design management.

Working hand-in-hand with your team

Ediom’s people-driven approach means that we work hand-in-hand with your teams and systems to build capability whilst driving optimised outcomes for your project.


Engineering and Design Management for the full project life cycle

  • Front end planning for major projects including requirements management and setting technical teams and systems up for success
  • Tendering and procurement engineering and design management assistance
  • Balancing requirements and value
  • Delivery – detailed design, design changes, design during construction
  • Project completions, including untangling safety assurance and systems engineering approach
  • Integration with asset owners and stakeholders
  • Setting up and supporting Tiger Teams for projects in trouble

A focus on systems and people development

  • Assessment of engineering and design managers and engineering systems
  • Capability Development – Accelerated development of people and skill sets in technically knowledgeable management
  • Help clients to understand and mitigate risk of industry constraints

Technical integrators

  • Interface / integration management with project, government and corporate requirements
  • Navigate dynamic engineering processes including meaningful challenges to drive value
  • Risk management – managing technical, design and engineering process risk as part of broader project risk profiles
  • Technical scope creep and scope gap assessments


Collaborative client partnerships are the key to our success

Ediom is proud to support and provide engineering management, tender management, systems engineering and constructability services to our clients in the delivery of range of infrastructure projects that truly are connecting and shaping our cities.



Western Program Alliance (LXRP)

Warrnambool Line Upgrade (RPV)

Metropolitan Roads Program Alliance (LXRP)

Suburban Roads Delivery Projects

Webb Dock West Stage 2

We have also worked with and continue to support organisations including Mirvac, WBHO,  AECOM, Arcadis and the Aurecon Jacobs Mott McDonald JV on a range of projects that span the project life cycle.