Georgina Mahony


Georgina Mahony brings 20 years of experience in the design and engineering management of the delivery of major infrastructure projects including rail, roads, water treatment and airports.
Her specialisation is the management of integrated engineering and design teams for large multi-discipline infrastructure projects. As part of these roles she has developed wide-ranging skills in stakeholder co-ordination, risk management and project controls. She places strong emphasis on developing a positive team culture, maintaining overall team engagement and delivering project outcomes. She prides herself in working to form truly collaborative teams that cross organisational boundaries and enabling people to undertake their roles successfully

Terry Cotton


Terry Cotton is a highly experienced Engineering Manager with significant experience in both strategic design partnering in the pre-contract cycle and the governance and oversight of the engineering components of tendering and project delivery of Major infrastructure projects.
Terry’s leadership and management capabilities are based on constantly building, up-skilling and developing his engineering and design teams. Understanding each team member’s individual drivers and constraints enables him to structure appropriate mentoring to motivate people to achieve their goals. He is also mindful of developing a team culture that empowers people to perform at peak level, including providing additional training for team members to increase their industry knowledge and challenging team members to exceed targets.

Jamie Threader

Delivery Director

Jamie Threader is a highy experienced delivery manager who has a demonstrated track record in all aspects of project delivery within the rail environment. He is driven to continuously grow and thrives on challenging himself in delivery of all aspects of successful teams. His ability to communicate and effect change has allowed him to drive consistent delivery of key performance indicators and continuous improvement within the section of projects and businesses he was responsible for. He has built a strong reputation for the effective implementation of change management and has had great success in using his significant experience to coach and mentor teams for success.

Yan Highland

Engineering Co-Ordinator

Yan Highland has over 10 years’ experience in the delivery of a wide range of major transport infrastructure and property projects within Victoria in design, project management and delivery. Yan has strong skills in managing teams to deliver integrated designs to scope, budget and programme.. She works with a variety of stakeholders to manage the various inputs and requirements and thrives on working collaboratively with large project teams. She is able to identify and analyse problems and implement more efficient project management systems to enable the successful delivery of projects.

Ross Paterson

Senior Engineering Manager

Ross Paterson is an accomplished Project Director / Manager with the benefit of a successful Australian and international career, in the development and execution of major roadways, rail, road asset management and mining and industrial projects. He possesses a broad range of commercial and practical management skills, with a forte for effective forecasting and budgeting. He has demonstrated results in motivating and coordinating multi-functional and multi-national teams to achieve specific goals and meet agreed targets. He has successfully implemented culture change and corporate restructurings.

Will Davis

Engineering Co-Ordinator

Will Davis is an experienced Senior Project Engineer with over 8 years experience covering various projects in both Sydney and Melbourne. He has the ability to develop strong personal and professional relationships which assist him to achieve the project desired outcomes. Will has an analytical approach to problems with the ability to offer innovative solutions. Will’s major experience has been on large infrastructure road, rail and defence projects in New South Wales and Victoria, with his specialty being highly congested and brownfield urban projects where stakeholder management is paramount.

Susie Struhs

Senior Project Manager

Susie Struhs is a qualified civil engineer with over 16 years’ experience delivering a variety of complex multi-disciplinary projects. She has held key leadership roles working alongside state and local governments, as well as for the private sector on some of the most challenging civil and building projects in Victoria. Susie has finely honed her problem-solving skills with an ability to think outside the box when working with challenging situations. She has an outstanding capacity to work collaboratively with clients and engage project stakeholders and contractors in achieving target aspirations. She will challenge design, specification and industry practice to achieve cost and time savings for the client while ensuring safety and health above all else.

Paul Michielin


Paul Michielin brings more than two decades in leadership, engineering management and project management roles in transport infrastructure and construction. Paul’s expertise embraces planning, contract management and developing methodologies that improve safety, quality, environmental outcomes and construction performance, with a strong focus on digital engineering and implementation in all phases of the project life-cycle. He has built a reputation for innovative problem-solving and skilful application of advanced construction methods and BIM processes. Paul’s strengths lie in delivering digital change and introducing improved methods of design management and construction building projects within complex brownfield rail corridors.

Fiona Boyle

Engineering Manager

Fiona Boyle is passionate about operational management, solving issues, building cohesive teams and increasing process efficiencies. With over 10 years’ experience, Fiona’s involvement in the rail industry and safety and risk consulting has enabled her to develop a strong and versatile skill set.
Prior to Ediom, Fiona was promoted through various departments through the Australian Rail Track Corporation resulting in strong experience in asset management, operational and project delivery. Her development of a positive culture provided improved process efficiencies, increased safety results, strong morale and successful delivery of the annual works programs and major projects.
Fiona has significant technical safety experience having completed facilitation of numerous risk assessments, fire safety studies and consequence modelling analysis. She has also worked in-house with a number of companies to complete Safety Cases to satisfy the Major Hazard Facilities regulations. She understands the different needs and priorities of organisations and works effectively to deliver solutions and results.

Lily Liu

Engineering Coordinator

Lily has over four years’ experience across transport and infrastructure, particularly in project planning, procurement, requirements management, stakeholder interface and the initial stages of project delivery. She has provided advice for both public and private clients in Australia, Hong Kong and South-East Asia.
Lily has developed a robust appreciation for working within a multidisciplinary team and a deep understanding of the inputs and requirements of various disciplines in the delivery of major infrastructure projects.

Ediom and Alchimie

Ediom is affiliated with Alchimie.

Both Alchimie and Ediom enable our partners to achieve extraordinary team performance by challenging current thinking to unlock true team potential and deliver exceptional success.

Our combined experience shows that time and again, fundamental opportunities in the design and engineering space are not realised – projects need the right hands on experience, leadership and expertise to deliver results and transform projects. This is one of the greatest drivers of value in the project lifecyle and Ediom will partner with you and do this by providing capable leaders with independent expertise from across the industry with an unwavering engineering and design focus.