Consult Australia Awards for Excellence

Ediom’s value is at the technical interface of all phases in a project life cycle

We bring impactful people with deep expertise – engineering management skills, technically knowledgeable management PLUS extensive hands-on experience. #TechnicalTranslators

Our team navigates and fuses the gap

We translate technical risk and opportunity in order to steer outcomes that really matter to Project Owners, and drive ultimate project success.

Drive great Engineering and design management

Excellent engineering outcomes rely on the technical knowledge of key managers with hands-on, real-world experience to navigate technical systems, issues and challenges across specialised engineering functions – fundamentally, success is about people having the knowledge and skills to drive great engineering and design management.

Working hand-in-hand with your team

Ediom’s people-driven approach means that we work hand-in-hand with your teams and systems to build capability whilst driving optimised outcomes for your project. We understand the criticality of being part of your team whilst leading critical decision making